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A tribute to Robert Dark

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Travel is my passion in life. I met a kindred spirit, Rob on a European Contiki tour in 2001. We instantly hit it off and became the best of mates. We were almost the same age and had birthdays a day apart. We both have UK ancestry and were living over there back then. We shared many travels together and many chats about travel and life. I have traveled to over 70 countries in the world and Rob has been to over 100 more than me.

Travel has been the most empowering thing I have ever done in my life. More so than any personal, academic or professional achievements. I often pick up on travel when I do my psychic readings.

Rob had a traumatic childhood, growing up in foster homes. He ran away to Tasmania, so that he could further his education and go to university. I moved to South Australia to finish my degree. I had a more stable childhood than Rob, although I grew up in a family with domestic violence and substance abuse issues. Neither of us had happy childhoods and further education was not encouraged. Despite that, both did Science degrees in the nineties. Looking back, what an amazing feat we achieved!

Rob gave me away at my wedding a few years ago. During my husband's speech, he thanked his parents and said he now realizes that not everyone has parental support. I was deeply touched by that comment and Rob and I made eye contact and knew exactly what that meant.

Rob drowned thirteen months after my wedding. My reason for writing this blog is that he came thought to me for the first time recently at the Brisbane MBS. I was doing mediumship readings for two people who had drowned. I believe that we can learn two things from Rob:

Firstly, always follow medical advice. Unfortunately Rob did not always do this. Sometimes his pride got in the way. Even though he was young, he had medical issues arising from childhood. A psychic reading never replaces expert advice, including medical advice.

Secondly, make happiness your currency, rather than placing importance on materialistic things. Rob was a minimalist, who lived his life not knowing what was around the corner. He was happy. He traveled and experienced life to the fullest.

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