Are you Clairaudient?

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

You may have clear hearing. That is, you may have hearing that is extra sensitive or you may be aware of hearing messages.

You can listen out for synchronicity. For example, if you hear the same song playing during the day then listen to the lyrics of that song. There may be a message in it for you. Once you have heard and understood that message, then it is unlikely that you will keep hearing that song.

You may hear your name or another name being called, even when no one is there. You may hear a ringing or feel a popping noise in your ears. You may even overhear a random conversation and understand the message, even though you do not know who or where it is from.

I first noticed clairaudience when I heard my brother's voice, telling me that I was in danger. The clear hearing may be a psychic message for you or it may also be a mediumship connection. When I have clairaudience in a mediumship reading, it may be from the person I am connecting with or it may be a reminder of a childhood memory for me, that pinpoints the age for the person I am reading for.

If you are meeting a group for your psychic development, you can practice your clairaudience by getting everyone in the group to talk at the same time. Have someone sitting in the middle, listening to only one person talking. Ask the listener to relay the message received from that person.

If you are on your own journey of psychic development, speak to your guides and ask them to help clarify the message. You can specify which ear you would like them to speak in. You can ask them to touch an area on your face to help communicate the message. For example, if it is something you should know or learn, then asked to be touched on the forehead.


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