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Dream Interpretation

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

A client recently asked me if mediumship / connection with the other side, can occur during in our dreams. My answer was 'absolutely'. 

She requested a psychic reading because she was having a recurring dream and did not understand it. In the dream, a woman was rubbing her lower back and stroking her hair. She felt very comfortable with this woman but did not know who it was, because she never saw her face. I recognized this as her mother and confirmed it was her by the way she passed.

I interepreted the dream though mediumship. The first message was to check her kidney function with her GP. It turned out that she had childhood issues with her kidneys and her mum rubbed her back for her in bed. The second was to locate her mother's missing watch. I did this by remote viewing in her house, based on her mother's instructions.  

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