Mediumship and dreams - my 2nd example

I had recently moved to Sydney for work. I woke up repetitively one night and felt that someone was in my flat. I felt frightened and was convinced that someone was sitting on the couch. I woke up and turned all the lights on and saw no one on the couch. The doors and windows were all locked. The next day I kept thinking about my Beagle, Oscar, who was in Melbourne with mum. Oscar often sat on the couch next to me. I then realized that Oscar had passed and it was his way of saying goodbye and making sure I was ok. I saw Beagles for weeks after that, each one reminding me that Oscar was okay.


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Very detailed!

Very good reading. She quickly connected to the energies around me and shared current and future situation around the person I was asking about. As the reading got going, I asked her about specific pe

Great reading!

Phenomenally accurate with nothing provided. Really great reader picks up accurate accurate accurate details of circumstances with no information given. Very kind as well! If you try not to interrupt