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Nostradamus - are we all psychic?

Nostradamus believed that he had the gift of prophecy. He attributed this to being born with an extra sense which allowed him to predict future events. He reportedly developed and used a scientific system that he used to foretell the future. In other words, his predictions were not random.

This poses the questions - are we all psychic? Can everyone develop their own psychic abilities?

Nostradamus had a nightly routine, looking at a brass filled bowl filled with water. He recorded his visions in quatrains (four-lined poems).

What do you do for your psychic development? Do you meditate? Are you learning the tarot or fine tuning your psychometry? We can all learn from Nostradamus and fine tune our extra senses. I believe we are all psychic. The tools we use for our psychic abilities can be developed, like any skill in life.

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