What is Phrenology? - part two

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

From what we know about neurobiology now, the brain certainly affects mental functions and different areas are responsible for different functions. A famous example of this was Phineas Gage. He an American railway worker suffered a traumatic brain injury when a rod pierced his skull, damaging his frontal lobe. His personality changed after his injury.

In summary, phrenology is an interesting concept that does not have any scientific basis. When reading a person’s character, the shape of a person’s cranium is unlikely to be given much thought. You are likely to be sitting face to face with a person you are reading. You are unlikely to see the sides, top or back of their head and less likely to notice any dents or metal plates or imperfections in their cranium.

I occasionally get drawn to the head area during readings and that is usually conformation of an accident or injury of the person I am reading, being medical intuitive. I may also connect with a head injury via mediumship, to validate that connection with that person.

Face reading on the other hand, is an interesting way of doing a psychic reading. I had my face read in April 2019 by a member of Francis Bevan's The International Inner Circle. I was amazed at the accuracy of life events and timelines of those events.


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