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What is Psychometry?

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Psychometry is a method of psychic reading the energy of an item, since all objects hold energy. The item could be jewellery, an item of clothing or even a photo. The same connection can be made by holding a persons hand or getting them to sign their name on a piece of paper.

An early example of 'token object reading' is by Dr Joseph Buchannan in the 1840s. He was an American physician and physiologist who believed that an object may have an 'energy field' that transfers knowledge regarding that objects history.

Psychometry is easily achieved by someone who is clairsentient. That is, has clear feelings. Practice this yourself by holding an object and tuning into the energy of that object. You may feel hot or cold, see or hear numbers, colours, names or pick up a location. The object may move in your hands or you may have skin irritation. Mediumship may also come though during psychometry.

If you would like me to used psychometry during a reading, bring an item of jewellery or a photo for me to tune into.

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