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Rhonda can read flowers and interpret a psychic message. Either take a photo of the flower and email it to Rhonda or tell her the description or the name of the flower. 


Pay attention to the signs and syncronicities, often seen in nature. 


Is there a particular flower that resonates with you? Do you see or smell it often? Do you dream about it? Does this only happen at particular times in your life?


This may be purchased for yourelf or as a gift. Please ensure you include the recipient email address, with your own, to be sent a conformation. 


If you are drawn to more than one flower, then multiple flowers may be added for $10 eg. 2 photos read for $50 or 3 photos read for $60. 


The prices quoted include an email response. If you would like an edited video response, which will be sent to you as a private link, this is an additional $10. 


Email your photo(s) to

Flower Readings - see description for options available

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